Bonjour !

    Bienvenue !


à  l’école Maternell

Petit Peton follows the Official French Education Curriculum for pre-schoolers opened in SAN FRANCISCO in  2010.Now in St Paul , Minnesota!

.Programme de Maternelle de Cycle  1 , cycle des apprentissages premiers élaboré par le Ministère de  l’Éducation  National Français. 

Moyenne Section de Maternelle        

Petit Peton (“Little feet“) is a new French Immersion pre-kindergarten option for families seeking a progressive education for their pre-school aged child.Petit Peton welcomes little students aged from 4 years old  to 6  years old. Some of my students have been prepared and accepted to The French American International School, to Kittredge School and to St Thomas the Apostle School.

Parents whose the child is on the waiting list of French schools or Schools as Transitional Kindergarten can have an new option to give her/him the opportunity to the French Culture with a great curriculum. Petit Peton French Immersion Preschool has a structured curriculum in place to ensure our children are prepared for Kindergarten. (see our program).




Ma Journée d’École

starting in September 2018

3 mornings/week  $600 /child/month

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

9:30- 10:15 am  Bonjour ! French afternoon circle time (Calendar,ABC, music, and storytelling, pre-math, writting,coloring)

10:15- 10:45 am Recess, Games in the yard or playroom.

10:45 am – 11:45 am min Academic Activities (group and individual – cooking,   pre-writing, or science)/ Art (Art History Introduction, collage Technics, artcrafts, painting)

11:45 am 12:30 pm  –  Lunch and recess in the yard or indoor ( Every child will have a chance to set the table, serve snack and clear the table.In addition to table manners in French, we learn new vocabulary through songs, rhymes, or simply by having a group conversation.)

 games all together and reading time. 

12:30 pmPick up time.  Au revoir !  

Drawing of Domitille de Pressense.

 @ Petit Peton French Preschool   License Facility Number # 384002181


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