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THE SCHOOL will reopen in September 2018

in st Paul,Minnesota 

French School Petit Peton (Ecole Maternelle Petit Peton) has been founded by a French Citizen in 2010.The curriculum is provided by the French Ministry of National Education and is designed to ensure that children learn French language arts.


Delphine  holds a  CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid  Certificate by the Center for Excellence in Child Development, UC Davis funded by the Child Development Division of the California Department of Education. She holds also a Diploma in Art History from the University of Reims, France and a Diploma in Fine Art from New York Academy of Art, NYC, USA.Since 2012, she is a student at Berkeley Extension in Visual Arts working on a New Children Museum Project in California.In 2015, she created an Art Center MyLittleArtMuseum where the 1-6 graders learn Visual Art, Watercolor, Acrylic, Art Masters, Musical Performance, Harry Potter World, Architecture, Fashion in French ! 

In France Delphine works as an art director in Contemporary Art Galleries and Antiques World in Paris.She lived in Manhattan, Paris in San Francisco and st Paul, Minnesota since 2017. Her passion and devotion to teach Art and  the French Curriculum to young children as a French Tutor is born for the needs of her daughter.


Licence Facility Number : #  384002181



Bilingualism is an invaluable opportunity for our children to fully develop, learn – and be raised – equally, in both languages. If you’re just learning about our school, I hope you’ll come by and take a tour.


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