About the 4 – 5 years old Class

joliTHE PRE-K SCHOOL reopens in September 2018.

Our Mission

The French School Petit Peton  “Ecole Maternelle Petit Peton ” provides a total immersion French education program adhering to the highly respected curriculum of France’s national education system in a nurturing environment. Our French Education is a challenging and motivating educational environment for young children .Their full potential are developed and respected.

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The low ratio of teachers to students (1:5) allows for small group learning and individual instruction, meeting the needs of each student.

Moyenne Section (4-5 years old )

As in France, your child will be introduced to the Official French Pre-K and Kindergarten Program of  « Maternelle Moyenne Section et Grande Section » : an immersion of  writing, counting  and reading in French.Activities are based on French educational books for preschoolers written by French professional teachers, such as ” L’Ecole maternelle : Programmes-Projets-Apprentissages”.

We will sing karaoke traditional French songs for little kids “Comptines pour enfants“, practice piano, play puppet theater and cook traditional French recipe.

Le cahier d’Écriture :

IMG_5189 IMG_5203

Each child keeps a “un Cahier de Vie” (book of life) where parents can see what the child learns during class.              

With Pictures of your little student ! A nice souvenir for everyone !

IMG_5420 IMG_5302


The curriculum explores for more formal and structured activities.The acquisition of the fundamentals are essential : letters & numbers, math, problem solving, creative thinking .During the school year, letter and word recognition are a daily routine. The French alphabetic knowledge is known perfectly at the end of the school year.


Art Program


During class, we will  introduce to Art History to familiarize kids with artists, such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Gustave Klimt, Juan Miro and Claude Viallat…Each Art class starts with a French story time with books that tie into the art activity. At the end of the year, your little student will be proud to exhibit his/her “Work of Art” during a special Art Exhibition.


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