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  • 60sMon fils Rémy de 4 ans à adoré cette petite pré-school. Delphine a beaucoup de patience avec les enfants et prend le temps de connaitre chacun d’entre eux.
    Elle est douce, gentille, souriante et les enfants sont très encouragés. A la fin de l’année mon fils était si fier de me montrer son cahier de travail si bien préparé.
    Je conseil cette pré-school à toutes les mamans qui cherche un cadre français pour leurs enfants.
    Spectacle de fin d’année, graduate date, Rémy a vécu une expérience unique.

    My son Rémy, 4 years old just loved this pre-school. Delphine has a lot of patience with kids and take time to know each of them.
    She is kind, smily and children are very encouraged. At the end of the year my son was so proud to show us his workbook.
    I recommend this pre-school to all the mums who is looking for a french surrounding for their kids.
    Year end show, graduate day, Remy lived a unique experience….

    Sophie Guichard

  • We spent 4 months in France, where my son attended preschool, and upon my return, it was very comforting to find in Delphine’s wonderful school the spirit of the french ‘maternelle’ – It was everywhere! From the pictures of the children on the walls and their tables, to the music playing and the carefully designed curriculum. But even better, Delphine is a dedicated teacher. She gives more than a 100% to the activities she plans and pays attention to the abilities of each child. She is a gift to every child that encounters her and to the families as well. She is a very creative positive teacher.
  • geburicilia (26 of 80) If we could give Petit Peton a million stars, we would.  Delphine offers a program that is unique, well thought out and extremely well executed.  The children are exposed to language, art, music, and an array of pre-math and pre- science activities that perfectly fit your little student’s ability. They will learn to grow confident in themselves and to see school as an enjoyable activity.  That alone puts Petit Peton heads and shoulders above other programs.The best part of the program, though, is the teacher herself.  Delphine’s passionate joie de vivre is conveyed in her interaction with children and parents alike. She is a talented artist and gifted musician who truly cares about children and showing them the beauty that is in this world.  My daughter has absolutely flourished under Delphine’s guidance and we feel so lucky to have found this opportunity for her.  Do visit the school and you will see for yourself.  Petit Peton is truly a San Francisco gem!
  • delphine,

thank you for the photos!  it makes me so happy to see I…. blossoming in class.  she comes home full of excitement and enthusiasm.  all the hard work you do is translated into the hard work she wants to do.  merci beaucoup!!! 
you are wonderful.

An American Mother of a 5 years old Student

  • Oh my lord Delphine this is beyond good… the love and effort you put into your preparation is beyond… thanks so muchwhat a great way of learning, I wish I could attend a french pre-school .I probably will have to start with the 2 or 3 year olds hahaha…I would love to…the pictures are beautiful and I trully feel A…… will treasure these moments he experiences learning with you and the girls… all his life.. I have a feeling merci merci I have run out of words to thank you for your love, passion and dedication, your creativity is so needed in this world for childrens and adults as well!!! thanks again for sending this to us

 A Colombia- American Mother of a 4 years old  student.

  • Delphine –Jut want to reiterate that I think you are a fantastic teacher – and hearing C…….    pronounce her words today – with a real French accent — when you were practicing with her was awesome.  Like your master-baking skills, you are a very patient, precise teacher – friend and mother. C…… is so proud of her French school – she tells everyone she meets that she is in “French School” learning French. She loves and respects you very much. Merci!

An American Mother of a 4 years old student


  • Hi Delphine,Thank you so much for all the labor of love you have poured into this summer camp.We appreciate you giving SO much to A……. and all the children. They are very lucky!!Thanks for all the literature and homework, A……. loves going to your class.
  • C…… had a great time at your house. Looks like your creative talents won out again.A standing ovation for a lovely morning had by C….. !
  • wow Delphine this was quite the production!!! congratulations!! you are awesome! and have an amazing cast :) these kids are so lucky!!! thank you so much for your creativity and dedication…. and of course for the photos!!! I’ll share with friends and family about this beautiful day   merci
  • Congratulations on your new website! I highly recommend Delphine’s classes, not only is she a fabulous mom but she is a very talented artist and enjoys teaching art to kids. She creates a great environment for them and kids really enjoy it. Wishing you great success for 2011.
  • I am an American mom hoping to expose my daughter to the French language and culture and Delphine’s classes were wonderful for her. My daughter really enjoyed being engaged in all the different activities Delphine offers. Delphine is also a natural teacher to kids which makes learning easier for them. I highly recommend Delphine’s classes.

A French American Mother of a 4 years old Student

  • Petit Peton is a wonderful experience. Delphine’s approach to working with pre-schoolers in an all-French Immersion speaking environment is engaging, fun-filled and educational. My three-and-a-half year daughter has attended two years — and every week her French vocabulary continues to grow. A typical session  is : Students meet each other for a few minutes of free play; Delphine begins class by ringing a small bell and having her students sit on small chairs in a semi-circle; she greets each student in French; she has each student’s name printed on a card, and she instructs them to find their name card and place on board that has the letters of the alphabet (i.e. Charlotte places her name on the letter C.). She then introduces starts the first project of the day. Each class starts like this, and creates a sense of routine for the children (Weather , colors , weeks days with the little rabbit…) ; it is really nice. This week, she addressed days of the week, and had her students make an art project — and linked chain which had each day printed on it in French — and she worked with each student in pronouncing each day. She also reiterates language by having her students recite numbers and the alphabet in French. In between each project, Delphine allow her students a few minutes of free play, before starting another project.On the particular day I observed, the students painted — in smocks with small paint brushes and water color paint — wooden wind chimes with a Valentine’s Day theme. I really like that Delphine takes careful time to work with each students fine-motor skills. She also always addresses cleanliness — from washing little hands when someone sneezes to picking up toys — as well as manners ; I am proud that my daughter can ask for things with please and thank you, in French. Following the painting project, the children enjoyed story time — Delphine always picks classic French children’s books — and then we embarked on making crepes. Delphine again used the project to build vocabulary — for introducing ingredients as well as demonstrating how classic French crepes are made. The children thoroughly enjoyed making and eating them as well — with French jam. Following their crepes, the children worked on a hand writing project, which Delphine includes every week, to build fine motor skills and to teach her students how to hold a pencil. The children then conclude the class by dancing to French children’s music videos — all from France. Next week, one of our projects will be a decoupage project highlighting the style of artist Henri Matisse. I can’t wait! Petit Peton caters to small classes — four to five students per session. It is not a daycare, but a real learning environment. Parents are welcome to stay and help during the 2 hour-and-half session, but they can also leave their child, once the child is comfortable with Delphine and the school. Delphine thoughtfully works with each student — to not only embrace French language but also French culture and traditions.
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